27.04 2019
Moon King + ZOLC


Moon KingZOLC

27.04.2019 // GODZ. 20:00 // Klub RE

Bilety w Going.: 25 zł - w przedsprzedaży / 30 zł - w dniu koncertu:


Moon King is the synthpop project of Toronto-born singer & producer Daniel Benjamin. In the early 2010's Daniel was part of the flourishing electronic music scene in Montreal, performing as a touring musician with Grimes and Sean Nicholas Savage while beginning to write & produce his own music.

A 2016 move to Detroit and immersion in that city’s vibrant dance music and DJ culture began to influence his own recordings, and a collection of new material found its way back to Montreal label Arbutus Records (TOPS, Sean Nicholas Savage), who offered to release it. Hamtramck '16, named for the Detroit-area neighborhood, was released in the summer of 2017, documenting Moon King's shift towards disco and dance music. He’s toured extensively in North America, Europe and the UK with artists like Men I Trust, Mr Twin Sister, and Unknown Mortal Orchestra. In February 2019 he announced Voice of Lovers, his first full length for Arbutus Records, alongside new single “Neon Lights”.

insta: @danielmoonking
twitter: @danielmoonking

ZOLC to duet elektroniczny z Tarnobrzega, tworzony przez Arka Stokłosę oraz Martynę Gawlik. Uczestnicy projektu Kayaxu: My Name Is New, finaliści konkursu Im Memoriam -
Festiwal Grzegorza Ciechowskiego.Duet gatunkowo określa się jako TUPANKOCHILL. Skrzyżowanie elektronicznej siupy z polskim tekstem, subtelności z niepohamowanym szaleństwem, prawdziwości z wyimaginowaną kreacją.


#FRHeroes i #KlubRE