Front Row Heroes - Gig Promotin' Collective Extraordinaire

Front Row Heroes Foundation is an independent promoters collective, based in Poland. It was established in 2009 by two friends: Cyprian Bus and Emi Barabasz. Emi left Front Row Heroes by the end of 2012. Till this day it's run by Cyprian with a lot of help from his best friends and music lovers in Poland.

FRH wants you to come to our country and play for your fans and people who want to get to know your music. They might not know about you yet, but we'll share our enthusiasm for your music with them. We will prepare all the good people in Poland for your visit, simply because we care.

Also, we will take good care of you while You're here:).

Founders of FRH: Emi and Cyprian.
This photo was taken at OFF Festival 2009 by Kuba Dąbrowski (thanks Kuba!).


ul. Beskidzka 37/11
30-611 Kraków